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All About Credentialing Verification Organization Services

The paperless credentialing process can be made easier, faster, and more accessible for medical providers by utilizing a new technology. Credential verification agencies have been increasing their use of paperless credentialing over the last three years due to its faster turnaround time, ease of accessing credentialing information by multiple individuals, and lower overhead in maintaining files. You can also get more information about credential verification organizations via

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Both paperless and traditional credentialing is the same process. The provider provides information and supporting documentation. Once the application is submitted, different licensing boards, schools, and hospitals are contacted. 

They then return any additional verification documents. To request verification documents, other organizations such as disciplinary boards are also contacted. These documents are then compiled in a file that is used to create an audit of the provider.

All reports and documents can be managed electronically with paperless credentialing. After the verification documents have been submitted, they are scanned into a database and saved as image files. It is easy to use and learn. 

Files are stored in a common database in common formats like PDF or TIFF. The provider report is stored electronically and saved as an image file. Clients can access these reports via the Internet using a standard browser. You can even search online for more information about credential verification organizations.