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All About Whisky And Oak Casks

The use of oak in the whisky making process since Roman times, when oak casks were employed to move whisky. It adds flavor and feel to whisky in the same manner that spices improve the flavor of food.

What is the reason whisky cask wood is most popular? Whisky casks are not just the lowest porosity, but they can also be bent to an oval shape. The whisky cask imparts the whisky a distinctive aroma quality. 

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Small amounts of oxygen may get into the cask, and then make the contents more soft. Alcohol and water can evaporate from the wood, leading to the flavor to be more intense. The process of aging inside oak casks is crucial for whiskies made of red more intense grapes , such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Shiraz.

Breeders have a variety of factors they must consider when selecting the right whisky cask to age in. One of them is the size of the cask since smaller ones have more of a proportion of the surface of the wooden structure and whisky, which allows the whisky to get more aroma compounds in the cask.

Because whisky is made of just one ingredient that is oak, the majority of it has a distinctive flavor. These factors do not make whisky better or worse. In the majority of cases it is personal preference that counts. You can also search the internet to find more details about whisky casks.