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An Online Product Configurator And Its Benefits

Online configuration systems offer high added value to traditional systems. Every businessman uses an online configurator for its product sales and enhances business growth. You can search for interactive product configurator via

Its main advantage is

  • Easy access to different users on different platforms

  • The scalability grew very fast from a few hundred users to thousands

  • Flexibility in integrating new functions and technologies

  • Excellent user interface

By implementing an online configuration system, companies can take advantage of the use of catalogue software (Product Information Management System) and route data from a central database to the various channels they use for marketing and sales.

Advantages of the product configurator

Low operating costs:

The process of providing customer information, configuration and order is fully automated. This reduces the need for large numbers of people to serve customers and sales and saves businesses the costs of printing traditional paper catalogues.

Improved accuracy:

All product information is centrally managed in the catalogue software system and then published in the online product configurator. This reduces publishing errors as well as ordering errors when the customer selects the wrong components for the system. By using built-in business rules, the system automatically applies only the correct components for each configuration.

Sales increase:

Organizations can take advantage of implementing an online configuration system by seeing a significant increase in sales due to the various features and factors described in this article. Such a system must definitely be the most important sales and marketing tool for a company.