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Basic Things About Bounce House Rental Company

Renting a bounce house is a fairly simple concept. The company purchases inflatables which are then rented out to consumers to provide affordable homestays for birthdays and other one-off events.

If you rent your inflatables often enough, the investment will pay off and you'll find a way to make a profit. Of course, the inflatables rental software business has some obligations to the customer. 

Bouncy houses

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These commitments include:

Shipping and collection: Moon trails are heavy equipment that often weighs hundreds of kilograms. As a result, it is not uncommon for tenants to take and return the abandoned houses they rent. It is up to the rental company to figure out how the bouncy castle can be returned to the event address and re-saved after the event is over. 

Cleaning: No one wants to rent a dirty rocking castle. Sticks and leaves can not only damage bouncy castles and inflatable slides, but they can also pose a danger to people using bouncy castles. Therefore, most home-refusing companies spray their inflatable rentals with a disinfectant solution for both dropouts and claims.

Education: Inflatable housings can be very dangerous if not used properly and can result in serious injury or even death. It is the responsibility of the rental company to provide its customers with detailed explanations on how to use their rental items properly to avoid personal injury.