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Calculating Costs Of Linen Service

There are many different factors that go into the pricing of a linen service provider. In general, location plays a major role in the price of linen service. After all, location determines the amount of supply and competition for the service.

Aside from that, other, more specific things factor into the cost of a service. Here are some of them:

Type and Extensiveness of Cleaning Required

Different facilities use linens differently. This dictates, among other things, the kind of care that the linens require. This affects how much it will cost as well. For instance, medical linens will naturally require more specialized treatment than basic shop towels. Logically so, the cost of the former’s napkin hire service will be higher.

Size of Your Account

The size of your business also plays a role in the price of your service. Larger accounts tend to get larger, bulk-service pricing compared to smaller, short-term servicing. This is because it is more efficient for the service providers to do a couple of big projects, than many small ones, that use the same amount of resources.

Distance Between Your Facility and Linen Service Facility

Transportation is one of the biggest factors in the final pricing of your linen service. After all, it takes far more resources to service a company the farther it is from the service facility.

Quality of Your Linen, Week After Week

It’s easy to ensure the quality of brand-new items. It takes experienced, highly-skilled linen care professionals, however, to provide consistency weeks, months, and years later into the service. When you work with a reliable professional, you are paying for the peace of mind of knowing every linen item is exactly the way it’s supposed to be.