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Clodagh: Types of Lighting Fixture for Your Home


Whether you are renovating your old place or decorating your new one, you will definitely be going to need to know about the difference in Clodagh lighting fixtures for your home. However, it is important to add the perfect lighting in your home for productivity, visual interest, ambiance, and many more.

In this article, you will learn the various types of lighting for your home and choose the best choice for your home:-

Types of Lighting Fixtures:


These types of lighting fixtures are installed above the ceiling of your home. Moreover, insulation is required to ensure that condensation doesn’t drip into your light fixture. They offer a narrow band of light in a single direction and can be used for accent, task, and ambient lighting.


Under-cabinets are also installed under your cabinet. For this, insulation is also required to ensure that the consideration doesn’t drip into the light fixture. They also offer a narrow band of light to your place in a single direction, and you can use it as an accent, task, and ambient lighting.


Track lighting fixtures are mounted from the ceiling. These kinds of lighting fixtures consist of linear housing that comes with several heads that can be positioned anywhere along your track. Additionally, the direction of the heads is adjustable, and they are used for task and accent lighting.

Wall Lighting & Sconce:

Wall sconce and lighting are perfect for accent lighting. They have come in a range of different sizes and are suitable for showcasing art and architecture.

Desk, Floor & Table Lamps:

Desk, table lamps, and floor lamps are portable and versatile. These types of lighting fixtures are mostly directed downwards except torchers. Besides, they are used as ambient and task light.

Ceiling Lights:

Ceiling lights are directly installed into the ceiling, and they help to illuminate your large room and can only directly below the fixture. Most ceiling fixtures need to install directly into the electrical system, and you can also be controlled by the wall-mounted switches. There are various types of fixtures that are types of ceiling lights like recessed lights, chandeliers, pendant lights, and flush-mounted.


Chandeliers are like light fixtures which are perfect for entertaining guests. You can either place it in a gathering space like a large hall or a small room. The light that they emitted has a wide radius.

Pendant Lights:

These types of lights are hand from the ceiling on a long chain, cord, and rod. You can use these types of lights as a task light, and they are striking and decorative. Besides, they are range from simple to ornamental. Additionally, the radius of the light is usually small than the chandeliers. Lastly, they are not perfect for dining areas but suitable for kitchens.

Outdoor Wall Lights:

If you don’t have an overhead surface to install the ceiling light, you can choose the outdoor wall lights. Wall barn and lanterns lights are increasingly popular for their stunning look and warmth.

Outdoor Landscape Lights:

You can incorporate landscape lights in your landscaping design. These types of fixtures are helping to light up and enhance your outdoor spaces, such as steps, walkways, decks, and patios. Apart from it, they are characterized by locations like deck lights and pathway lights.


This article provides you with various types of Clodagh lighting fixtures for your home that bring style to your living space.