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Diamond Buy Guide: How To Buy Diamonds With Value

Diamonds can be a good investment because their value increases over time. Diamonds are made of pure carbon, and the most expensive ones are colorless. 

If you are planning to invest in diamonds or are simply interested in buying diamond earrings, it is important to know the basic properties of real synthetic diamonds. You can get a lot of detailed information about diamonds via

Diamonds are made of pure carbon, so they appear colorless, which is the most expensive. This is why some small diamond pieces can cost more than a large diamond. 

When a diamond is formed, it is not completely carbon because other chemicals such as nitrogen can mix with carbon. Other chemicals are often defined by gemologists as impurities, thereby reducing the cost of the stone.

Diamonds are divided into 4 types. Type La is stones that give off a yellowish tone. These diamonds contain a large amount of nitrogen, which prevents the absorption of visible light. 

The La type is further subdivided into IAA and IaB, depending on the number of nitrogen aggregates formed in the crystals.

The Ila type is the rarest and most sought-after diamond because the stone contains little or no nitrogen. These stones allow light to pass through and bounce off easily. 

This type of stone can come in various colors such as pink, blue, gray, light green, white and yellow. Examples of this type are the Hope diamond and the De Beer Millennium star.