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Different Types of Roof Style in Chatham

A roof is the top covering of a building, including all materials and constructions required to support it on the building's walls or on uprights, providing protection from rain, snow, sunlight, temperature extremes, and wind. You can find the best metal roofing in Chatham via

Here are the types of roofs:

When choosing a roof style, the first thing you can think of is the visual impact. While good looks are important, so are utility, durability, and strength.

Pitched Roof: The term "pitch" refers to the triangular patch that forms when two pitched roof planes meet. A pitched roof is a very popular type of roof: it is easy to build, drains water well, facilitates ventilation, and can be applied to most home projects.

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Dutch Roof: A Dutch roof is a hipped roof with a small gable at both ends. The result is easier access to the lower roof with the added benefit of natural light and extra space.

Flat Roof: They are low-pitched roofs that appear flat but have a slight slope to allow water to drain.

M- Shape: An M-shaped roof is a gabled roof with two sloping sides meeting in the middle with a corresponding slope on each side.

Depending on the architecture of the house, the roof can potentially makeup 40% of the exterior and often plays a large role in the overall appearance and attractiveness of the sidewalk.