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Easy House Framing Tips For Home Construction

Basic home building is very easy and one of the easiest home framing. You may or may not know how to frame a house, but when your prefabricated frame arrives most of the work is already done. By prefabricated, I meant fully built, fully strengthen, numbered and ready to stand. Modern builders have cottoned on to the pre engineered floor framing system and these days when customers choose timber frame house plans, there's rarely a frame built on site.

The frames are constructed in a factory and importantly, they built in a squared and pre braced jig. It also helps to reduce the time it takes to dive into the frame. It does not matter if you're building on a raised floor system or concrete slabs, each artisan can frame home in a matter of days.

Your framing will include:

o Pre-fabricated stud frame

o Ribbon wooden plate

o Bracing ply

o Plat bond 

o Strap nail 

o Threaded rods, washers and nuts

The bracing system required is relatively straightforward. The ribbon plate needs to be anchored to the foundations, so a series of bolts and plate ties are installed. A threaded rod is bolted through the frames bottom plate, flooring and bearer. Plate ties brace the bottom and top plates to the studs. In high wind areas, long bolts are inserted from the ribbon plate right through to the bearer.