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Forklifts Are The Backbone Of The Industrial World

A forklift is a powered industrial piece of machinery most commonly used to move heavy materials from one place to another. They have become a valuable and indispensable piece of equipment to manufacturing and warehousing companies. 

If you have ever had a need for one of these machines, there are different fuel and tyre types, weight capacities, attachment options, and lift heights are available for forklifts. 

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Let’s take a look at the three basic models that you can rent or purchase according to your need :

Standard truck : 

If you are a small business that needs only one truck, then this is the vehicle you need. The standard truck is a wide aisle vehicle that requires at least 12-foot aisles to turn in.

The turning radius of any vehicle is determined by the size of the vehicle and the load size. Standard lift trucks are good for lift heights of fewer than 20 feet.

Scissor Lifts :

They work exactly like a pair of scissors hence the name. These lifts rise using pneumatic, mechanical, or hydraulic means.

These machines can be small enough to use as a lift table, up to the size needed to lift two people to a standard height of 13 feet and up to 40 feet approximately. 

Aerial Work Platforms :

These machines are used for temporary access to inaccessible areas on construction sites. There are different types of these platforms generally used for maintenance.

These vehicles are usually operated by a single person and can also include electrical and compressed air outlets for tool use.