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Get To Know The Early Church’s Principles Of Church Growth

Church growth comes in many types. These include the Internal which is the spiritual growth of Christians and the relationship between God and people. If you want the best relationship between god and people then you can look for the best church in Milwaukee via

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The second one is the Expansion which is the evangelization of the non-believers in a particular ministry. 

The third is the Extension which is the building of other churches throughout a particular geographical area. This usually happens through church advertising. The last one is Bridging. 

This is somewhat like the Extension but this focuses more on the construction of churches in areas with different 

Moreover, aside from the types of growth of the church, there are also ways of doing it. One is Biological growth. This action includes sending the church members' children to church. 

Another one is Transfer growth. This includes the entire membership of a particular church that is being united with the members of the other. Lastly is the Conversion growth. This includes those non-believers which are gathered to be enlightened and recognize the existence of God.

Now let us tackle the principles of church growth in the early churches.

  • Prayer or Spiritual Warfare
  • This is unquestionable in church growth matters.
  • Clear and Incomparable Vision

A church has to have a vision. This is commonly included in church marketing as people often look for a church that has a good vision.

What is good about a church having a version is that the people will be confident in joining a ministry. Why? Well because they know that the church does a reliable path through its vision.


This is very important for all churches. People often look at the church's leadership before deciding on what ministry to choose. Church leaders have to be dynamic. This is one of the main foundations why a church grows. This can also be considered as a church advertising element.