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Handy Tips To Move Office Furniture

Moving business premises can be a tricky job. Packing equipment, utilities, and office furniture from the existing site to the new location, without losing out on too many man-hours, can be challenging.  There are many companies that provide furniture moving services in Perth, you can get more information about furniture movers in Perth via

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Here are a few handy tips that will help you prepare for your office move:

Pack Individual Stuff: Before the date of office removal, ask your employees to pack and clear his or her desk independently. Putting together pens, paper clips, files, and paperwork in a carton and labeling it properly with their name will help them rearrange and reset their desk and cubical content at the new location without any hassle. 

Seal File Cabinets and Drawers: Invariably upright file cabinets can be moved and shifted without removing the contents. However, one needs to seal the file cabinets and drawers, so that the files and paperwork do not fall out during removal. 

Stack Them Properly: In cases where files and books have to be removed from file cabinets, stack them properly in cartons. It is prudent to put the books and files according to the serial number or alphabetically. This makes retrieval easier.

Dismantle Cubicles and Workstations: It is wise to dismantle cubicles and workstations prior to the move.  Trained office and furniture removalists in Perth help you reassemble and rearrange furniture deftly.