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Home Security: Windows and Doors

When you move into a new home, your home security should be a priority. To keep burglars away, you don't necessarily need a sophisticated burglar alarm. Good security around your doors and windows will keep them away.

Window Security

Most burglaries involve entry through windows at the back of the house. Install a locking casement stop or fastener on an outward-facing window to ensure that you do not fall prey to this. These devices allow the window to be locked to the frame and can only be opened with a security code. You can also discover the best window locks by searching the web.

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You will need to fit sash bolts to your sliding sash windows to attach them when closed. Window security stays are also recommended for large windows. They prevent large windows from opening too far. They are used to stop small children from falling through large windows.

Front Door Security

First, you should know that there are many excellent locks designed for front doors. You should note, however, that certain insurance companies might require that you use a specific type of lock in your home insurance policy.

You can use lever door handles for your front doors. Mortice sash locks would be better than a deadlock.

Back Door Security

Back doors are more likely to have lever handles so you will need one. It should comply with BS3621-2004. Slide bolts can be added at the top and bottom to increase security.

Patio Door Security

These doors are easy to break so make sure you have patio door locks installed at both the top and bottom. These locks are crucial as the door cannot be lifted from its runners, making the entire door and frame combination more rigid.