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How to Keep a Workplace Quiet With Office Partitions

The ideal office environment is one where employees can work in peace and quiet, without being interrupted by other workers or outside noises. This idyllic office environment is rarely possible unless you are able to work alone and are not located within a few miles of any other building or roads.

Most office spaces are disturbed by phone calls, email alerts and chattering coworkers, construction noises, and traffic noises on a daily basis. This noise pollution can have a serious impact on productivity and the long-term success of businesses.

There are very few office partitions within your workplace. This can lead to noise pollution and make it more difficult for your colleagues and you to hear each other. Sales staff can cause noise pollution in offices that house them.

A bustling, buzzing office is a dream for any boss. However, a noisy office that is constantly erupting into a cacophony will not be productive. You can see why a quiet office with soundproof partitions is important for any business. But what if your office isn’t equipped?

When it comes to soundproofing work areas, office partitions offer a lot. Cell foam cores in office partitions can significantly increase noise absorption. Glass partitions, accordion walls and floor-to-ceiling office divisions are the best types of office partitions to prevent noise pollution.

Glass is soundproof and allows for greater light dispersion. Floor-to-ceiling office partitions are made from foam plasterboard, or cloth covered metal frames. They can reduce noise pollution and allow for flexibility to move according to changes in office layouts. Accordion walls provide a similar flexibility while also offering superior noise prevention and full closure.