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Key Benefits Of Face Shields

Like masks, plastic face shields existed before the COVID-19 virus emerged. However, with the virus spreading in communities worldwide, face shields have quickly become more popular within and beyond the medical industry. 

Face shields are most effective when worn in conjunction with a mask, with the shield serving as a barrier for larger and moisture aerosol particles such as those output in a cough or sneeze. This protection is especially important for essential workers who are exposed to potential positive cases at close distances or for prolonged periods of time. You can also refer to to buy a clear plastic face shield.

Face shields offer a number of key benefits to wearers, including:

  • Viral Protection: Face shields stop airborne particles from reaching the face, including the eyes, which are often left unprotected by other means of PPE. Face shields also limit face touching, so wearers don’t transfer viral particles to the face, where they can quickly enter the body.
  • Reusable: Face shields can be safely sanitized, so a single shield can provide continued protection.
  • Comfortable: Face shields are lightweight, padded, and vented, so they can be worn for hours without becoming uncomfortable. Face shields also do not cause glasses to fog, which is a frequent complaint associated with masks.
  • Facilitate Communication: Masks obscure facial features and muffle the voice. Where safe, opting for a face shield over a mask can facilitate communication, especially for people with hearing disabilities who rely more heavily on facial cues for comprehension.

Due to these benefits of clear face shields, these are now used by the majority of people.