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Know the Tasks Involved in a Demolition Service

costs in Newcastle house demolition

There are different reasons why a demolition would be required for residential and commercial properties. It could be a structural fault, the property could be dangerous and old, or it might not be a stable living place. The demolition procedure should be well planned and managed with the help of a reputable contractor.

Demolition Stages

  • Observing the Site: Before starting the demolition, a thorough inspection should be carried out. It includes various considerations like the safety and construction of the property and underground or nearby attachments. Checking for risky materials, underground cables, pipes, or drainage is essential. The general surrounding is gauged to analyse how demolition affects the street, neighbours, and other buildings.
  • Risky material removal: A specialized team will remove any risky materials like flammable goods, radioactive products, and asbestos. Older properties have higher chances of asbestos containment that should be removed on priority.
  • Plan of action: After the inspection, a detailed plan should be prepared. It includes the safe working method statement (SWMS), demolition process ways for the property, debris removal, safety measures, and recycling.
  • Safety is essential: Safety precautions and measures for the public and workers from starting to end are essential. Telecommunication lines, electricity, gas, and sewer should be removed from the building. Consider the precautions to reduce workers’ exposure to risky situations, chemicals, noise, and dust. Further, common ways of controlling dust like using water to reduce dust production should be included.

The best approach is to contact professionals for safe and effective demolition and to keep house demolition costs in Newcastle in check.