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Lawn Aeration Service – Why and When Should You Aerate Your Lawn?

While most people have heard of ventilation services, few know when and how often to air their yard.

Of course, most people mow their grass, and some fertilize and even chemically treat their grass, but very few realize the benefits of lawn aeration. You can also hire a professional for lawn aeration services from the web. If you are looking for professional lawn aeration service via

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As you cut, walk, and use your yard, it gets thicker. This compaction from daily use prevents your weed from receiving certain nutrients that will help it grow and eventually become soft, green, and healthy.

Good ventilation for a healthy and beautiful lawn is an important part of proper lawn care.

When and how often should you ventilate your yard?

In general, lawns should be aired twice a year. The first ventilation for the year should take place between spring and early summer, the second in the fall between August and October at the latest. However, this may vary depending on the condition of your property and the type of soil.

Depending on where you live, you most likely have a different type of soil. Lawn care varies with it. A professional lawn aeration contractor can help you determine what type of lawn aeration is needed for your field.

If you plan to fertilize your lawn, it is recommended to aerate it before fertilizing so that the nutrients can be absorbed with extreme efficiency.