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Patient Lifting Sling Functions

A sling can be used to safely and comfortably transport you from one location to the next when you are using a patient lift. The sling can support your weight and provide stability which makes transfers safer for both the patient and caregiver.

This guide will give you all the information you need about patient lift sling for hoist and make recommendations for the best products that meet your needs.

A patient lift sling can be used to move someone from one location to the next. It could be used to move a patient from a chair to a bed or from a wheelchair to the bathtub. They are also useful for picking up someone who has fallen from the ground.

The square-shaped hammock-style sling supports the whole body with the arms of the patient inside the sling straps. From the knee down, the patient's legs will be exposed to the sling.

This type of sling has a higher back which provides head support. These slings can be used with a chair-to-chair, bed-to chair, floor bed transfers and a commode.

This design allows the patient to be separated by the straps, which loop through their legs. It prevents the knees being pressed together tightly and helps to distribute weight more evenly. This sling is also known as a divided-leg sling. This sling is comfortable for the user and easy to use by caregivers.

The U-Shape sling crosses underneath the patient's legs. It is also the most user-friendly, as it does not go below the patient's feet. It is designed to be used for transfers from bed or wheelchair to toilet or wheelchair. These slings are used most frequently for bathroom transfers and are also known as hygiene slings.