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Performing Background Checks On Potential Job Applicants

If you own a company, you want to be as sure as you can that your employees will do a good job for you. Taking a page from the 'better safe than sorry' book, it may be a good idea to do a background check on anyone who applies for a job. Not only is their work history an important consideration, but so is their character.

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Following are a few tips on how to do a background check on job applicants.

  • Character References

Usually, a job application that is filled out by a potential employee will include a few character references-people who the person knows well and will more than likely give them a glowing recommendation. When you begin your background check, getting in touch with their character references is a practical place to start.

  • Work History

The next logical step is to delve into the applicant's work history. When they fill out the supplied application, they're asked to provide a timeline of where they've worked previously. If they've been moving around from job to job for the last few decades, it could be an indication that they aren't a reliable employee-unless they have a very good reason for changing jobs, such as being the spouse of a member of the armed forces, or they have continued to seek more meaningful employment.