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Personal Protective Equipment for Health Care

Respiratory and surgical protective equipment such as face masks is excellently designed to provide the safety, performance, suitability, and quality required for this purpose. The face shields in Australia at provides the best quality equipment for daily use.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) intended for use by medical personnel or intended to have a therapeutic effect must be registered on the Australian Therapeutic Goods Register (ARTG). 

A manufacturer/distributor registration is required based on a statement of compliance with the criteria (standards) which refer to the basic principles published by the Government. 

To facilitate ARTG registration, An accredited testing facility of CSIRO operates to help manufacturers supply masks to the general public and hospitals.

The PPE Medical Testing Laboratory is located at CSIRO in Victoria replacing Clayton and is accredited by the National Association of Testing Bodies (NATA). This can allow a quick turnaround when testing surgical face masks. The laboratory performs disposable masks on the following three functional aspects:

1. Method of testing for resistance to synthetic blood

2. Methods for the in vitro determination of the filtering efficiency of bacteria

3. Methods for determining respiration 

The laboratory can test fully manufactured surgical masks as well as new materials developed for the manufacture of commercial surgical masks. The Medical PPE Testing Laboratory is part of the CSIRO Fire Protection Systems Laboratory.