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Real Estate Agents – What Do They Do?

It's easy to summarize what real estate agents do. They open homes, put up front yard signs, earn commissions on home sales, and ship mini calendars and other goodies. In fact, real estate agents are typical multitaskers who work on behalf of sellers or buyers, market their real estate business, develop marketing strategies for clients, perform administrative work, and maintain industry knowledge.

Start with knowledge

A broker's career began with an internship as a best estate agent. Successful brokers become students with long careers in the real estate industry. They attend seminars and courses to keep up with business practice developments and legislative changes. Many brokers are also involved in organizations that influence real estate policy and practice.

Master in Marketing

One of the important jobs that every real estate agent has is marketing properties for sale to clients. A successful marketing campaign is based on in-depth knowledge of the local real estate market. 

Buyer Representative

Real estate agents also represent buyers who want to buy a home. Duties with buyers include researching lists of potential properties that meet client needs and interests, planning property presentations, and arranging appointments for clients to view homes.

Administrative tasks

No one succeeds in the real estate business without paperwork. Agents must review each client's public information about account size and size, review legal descriptions, land use codes, deed restrictions, verify legal owner names, and verify current title information.