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Remodel vs. Renovation: A Deeper Dive

A renovation is fixing up a room without changing its use, while remodeling is transforming the entire purpose of the space. But why do these differences matter to you, the home or business owner? 

While subtle, the distinctions between the two can make a difference in how worthwhile an investment your project will be to you. When choosing between a renovation via vs. a remodel, here are some of the factors you'll want to consider:

  • Price: No matter what you decide to do with your space, a remodel will always cost more than a renovation since it often requires complex construction, electrical, and plumbing work. You might also need to obtain permits for a complete remodeling project, which could add hundreds of dollars to your bill.

  • Time: While you can perform minor cosmetic touch-ups quickly, any remodeling will require a significantly longer timeline. Expect the planning and construction of your remodel to take several months. Living rooms and bathrooms are typically finished around three months after you start planning, while kitchens can take up to five months.

  • Project Scope: Renovation projects mainly focus on the appearance of your home or commercial building, while remodels alter its entire functionality. With a renovation, you can install new appliances and fixtures and upgrade your building's technology. On the other hand, a remodel allows you to completely transform your space when cosmetic changes aren't enough to fix the issue.

  • Customization Options: Renovations can give your building a more modern appearance and add many functional elements to your building, but they can't change the structure altogether. If you want to open up the room by tearing down a wall or completely transform the space to make it your own, you'll need to do a complete remodel.