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The Most Popular Vehicle Conversions for Your Van

You may be considering buying a van conversion or having your vehicle modified to accommodate a wheelchair driver or passenger. You can get the best vehicle conversion via

Here are some useful and best-selling vehicle conversions. This will make it easier for you and your loved ones to travel with you, while also giving them the freedom they desire. What are the most popular wheelchair vehicle conversions?

  • The vehicle's floor will generally be lower to accommodate a wheelchair and the person sitting in it. You can lower the floor as low as you want it to be (minivans start at 10 inches).

  • To make it easier for disabled people to enter the vehicle from either the side or back, a ramp can be installed. These ramps are either manually operated (meaning an able-bodied individual will have to lift the ramp from the van), or electronically (meaning the ramp can be lowered at the touch of one button).

  • The wheelchair lift is one of the most popular vehicle conversions. It can be used to convert side-entry vans or rear-entry vans. When not in use, the platform lift can be folded up to the side; the under-vehicle lift is kept underneath the van. The swing lift, hoist, and rotary lift cannot lift occupied wheelchairs.

  • Special seatbelts and tie-downs are essential for vehicle conversions. They are necessary to ensure that the wheelchair remains securely on the ground while being moved.