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Why Immigration Agency a key component of an Australian Visa?

There has been a backlash among Australian citizens against immigration due to the large number of migrants who have arrived in Australia. You can also get Successful Visa Outcomes that helps you to process your visa. 

This is not a sign of racism in Australian society. It is simply a result of strong urbanization and a population boom. While Australia may seem sparsely populated, the population is growing rapidly in major cities. Some areas have a rate of growth that exceeds four percent.

These areas often have limited resources, and it can be frustrating for people who are struggling to pay the higher cost of living. These issues were a catalyst for the Australian Federal Government to tighten its immigration policy.  A new Skilled Occupation List was published in July 2010. 

This significantly changed the priority of occupations when it came to hiring foreign workers. The skills points test was also updated to give preference to employment experience and language proficiency over young workers. It is the language barrier that most foreign applicants find most difficult when applying for visas.