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Selection of Centrifugal Slurry Pumps

The selection of the right pumps for specific slurries can help pump owners avoid unnecessary repairs, maintenance, related downtime, and wear of the machinery. In addition to this, proper pump selection and application help create a safer work environment for employees, ensuring a secured workplace where they can work easily without worrying about life-threatening conditions in case of an improper installation.

The best centrifugal pump manufacturer will provide you with a pump that serves your purpose. Choosing a slurry pump depends on many factors. While selecting a slurry pump for your company, you have to analyze pump curves to identify the best option. One of the most important things to remember while selecting a slurry pump is to make sure to choose a pump that can operate as slowly as possible to reduce wear, bust fast enough to move the slurry through it efficiently without settling or clogging in the pipes.

Given that these pumps have high endurance and longer wear lives, they can be used across different industries for a wide range of purposes. The most used method for the selection of slurry pumps is to calculate the Total Dynamic Head for the particular application.

With decades of experience working with centrifugal pumps in the industry and a team of professionals on board, professional pump manufacturers help businesses design and implement their strategic goals. Right from identifying the ideal pump for your company, to installing it, running regular performance checks, evaluating its efficiency levels for detection of faulty components, and helping with as simple or as complex issues, they will help you do it all.