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How Psychotherapists Diagnoses Impact Lives

Psychotherapist establish formal label to the client so that the client can apply for insurance. What people do not know about the painful process them at many levels?

Insurance companies employ non-therapists to make decisions about how many visits and to approve this type of therapy. Non-therapists money managers, hired to keep the insurance companies not only in black but profitable, the make decisions that affect the lives of all day, day after day. You can search for psychotherapists through

Psychotherapists often find themselves commissioned a diagnostic label that does not accurately fit the client because they know some diagnostics have higher chances of getting better treatment than other diagnoses.

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Do you know what happens when the labels are recorded in a personal record?

Insurance companies can sell their listings and information in the report may go to a company that might clear the employee for the job.

If you've worked several places and using your insurance company looking for talking therapy your employer will know about your personal life no one part should know, but you, is not it?

Many people do not even know their record label reflects their diagnosis – not as people but as people with disorders such as depression, bi-polar, or schizophrenia. Consequently when clients move to new therapists label them before them.

Unfortunately many psychotherapists, overloaded with too heavy caseloads, peruse the new patient records – basically looking for a label that few other therapists assigned – making value judgments that may or may not be accurate.