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How To Choose The Best Full HD Dash Cam?

Drivers are required to install surveillance cameras. To have a happy life during the Spring Festival, the rearview camera can record the accident. In most cases, the video provided by surveillance cameras is self-explanatory and can be used as evidence. 720P is currently affordable and camera quality is also very important.

You can navigate to to buy a dashcam full Hd for your car. Installation is important because accidents often occur at night. That's why it's so important to have a night vision surveillance camera. Although many night vision cameras are sold, the quality is so poor, mosaic and noise that they cannot identify the license plate clearly. You can compare images taken by different surveillance cameras in bright and dim light.

dash cam full hd

In theory, a larger wide-angle is better. but the image is distorted even though the wide-angle is widened. When the wide-angle reach 170, the image will be distorted and the quality will decrease.

Most people ask what is the difference between price and parameters, and they agree. When the video is transmitted, low-end products usually miss seconds, thus losing the evidence of accidents. A direct way to judge if a camera is leaking in seconds, you can use the camera to take a stopwatch (five minutes at best) to see if every second is busy.