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Things To Know About Patient Slings

For individuals who have some kind of plaster cast, or people undergoing a surgical operation, the Spica/Divided Leg sling may help.

Go disposable sling fitted with comfy cushioning and a wipeable cover together with a hinged rear part that raises and lowers when required.  

Using a weight limitation of 220kg the Low benefit Sling is like the Low Back Sling but using much less shoulder support. This allows for transfers to be made out of the individual's arms on either the inside or out of the match.

That is a less restrictive strategy allowing for a greater sense of liberty for those patients while providing improved aid for the lower spine region so the consumer should possess great upper chest stability.

As usual, it includes detachable elasticated waist support and contains a large opening around the body to ensure sterile toileting and makes altering clothes simpler.

Since you can see AMS includes a couple of slings out there for specific events, but we also have generalized slings which are useful for daily routines in addition to some other items such as scooters, wheelchairs, and hoists.

There is a time where regular slings can't be used because of a patient or surroundings' unique circumstances. Therefore technical slings are made to tackle those problems and to help patients keep their everyday routines unimpeded.

Active Mobility Systems has many technical slings which can benefit patients and permit them to get a dignified solution for their difficulties.

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