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Choose Your Gas Fitter Wisely in Geelong

No one wants loss, either in monetary terms or in terms of loved ones. The safety of your property and your family is so serious that you don't want anyone touching these crucial pillars in your life.

A mishap can happen at any time and one should not take any chances. But these are also avoidable. For example, a fire in the kitchen due to poor installation of gas pipes.

We overlook some of the factors and it could prove disastrous later on. It is recommended and must be followed by each one of us when it comes to fixing your gas installation. It can have legal implications if it is not installed correctly. To find experts for gas pipes installation or fixtures you may go to

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There are two types of gas commercially available:

Natural gas, which is normally piped to homes and is efficient and safe; 

Liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), which is heavier and more volatile, and is found in the ubiquitous gas cylinder.

Different types of gas jobs require different qualifications. This has to be done by all of us. For example, the fact that a gas installer works on a gas boiler does not imply that he is suitable for lighting a gas fire. The type of work a gas engineer is allowed to do is written on the back of their identification card. 

It is important to check before letting them into your home. The other thing you can do in case of doubts regarding the person, call the agency or company that sent the person. Lives are in danger if you let an unqualified plumber do the job.