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What Is Intensive Outpatient Treatment

If you've been looking into different drug or alcohol rehab options, you may have learned about intensive outpatient treatment programs or IOP. This unique type of addiction treatment allows clients the opportunity to attend therapy and learn recovery skills, while still living at home or going to school.

Understanding Intensive Outpatient Treatment

Outpatient drug rehabilitation is often viewed as a bridge program that helps people transition between residential treatment and independent living. A unique intensive outpatient program provides intermediate support. This program offers similar benefits to a full-time program but with a notable difference in the time, it is spent in rehab. An intensive outpatient program is effective in combating depression and other mental health disorders.

Clients who are referred to IOP for intensive outpatient treatment (IOP), usually have a flexible time schedule that allows them to attend either daytime or night therapy sessions. The clients meet up to four times per week and each client is given a customized treatment plan. Many plans offer a mix of group therapy, one-on-one counseling, and education sessions.

Therapy focuses on various aspects of client recovery. Clients improve their coping skills and learn to manage cravings. They also work on stress reduction strategies. Clients can also seek out intensive outpatient treatment to address the root causes of their substance abuse.