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Know the Latest Research Advancements Of Liver Cancer

As medical technology advances, research on liver cancer treatment continues. While surgery to remove the affected area can be an effective form of treatment, it will not work for all patients. Scientists are looking for causes and innovative treatments to cure it. 

Treatment options and recommendations depend on several factors, such as the patient's general health, stage of cancer, severity of damage to other parts of the liver, and more. The vital cause of liver cancer is having an unhealthy diet which can damage the liver.

The following areas of research may include new patient options that are enhanced through clinical trials:

Brachytherapy – This advanced method involves placing a catheter directly into the tumor, irradiating the tumor with high doses of radiation, reducing radiation exposure to surrounding healthy tissue and causing no damage.

Advances in Chemotherapy – Newer therapies only aim to destroy certain cancer cells. It's not just chemotherapy, but it's given in combination with combination therapy that can shrink the tumor so doctors can perform surgery safely.

Ablation Techniques – Instead of removing the tumor, this ablation therapy uses heat or cold energy to kill it.

Liver transplant – This is an effective treatment that involves surgery to replace the diseased liver with a healthier liver from a donor.