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SAFe Release Train Engineer: Responsibilities and Skills

Release train engineer (RTE), as the title suggests, is the landlord and operator of Agile Release Train (ART). This person has many responsibilities. Even though ART has been designed to be self-managing and organized, there is still a need for a servant leader. 

A coach must be able to manage lean-agile practices and make the most of opportunities. You can also start rte training classes and get the best rte certification online to enhance your skills.

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The primary responsibilities of a train engineer are:

1. First RTE will be able to understand the requirements of ART and provide all necessary support. They direct the train along the correct path, from the start to the delivery.

2. RTE is responsible for optimizing and managing the value flow through agile release trains using various tools such as Kanbans.

3. They create an annual calendar that communicates for each iteration or program increment.

4. The event planning will be made easier by the planning release train engineer

5. Facilitation includes a summary of the objectives and publications for transparency and visibility across the team.

6. Next, you will track the execution of each capability and feature

7. The ART sync takes place at each stage

8. This servant-leader manages risk and escalates barriers.

9. Assist with driving the lean UX, and facilitates system demonstrations and solution demos.

The RTE will help to understand the requirements, plan PI, and prepare the team with an agile mindset. They also escalate impediments and act as a great communicator. The SAFe RTE focuses on more than just the general aspects. They also insist on testing-first development in order to deliver a better product each time.