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The Basics of Snorkeling In Kona

Anyone who can swim can enjoy snorkelling. Snorkelling is not as difficult or costly as scuba diving. You only need to use goggles, snorkel masks and swim fins to snorkel. Most of these items can be purchased at a very low cost. You can avail the benefits of swim and snorkel in Kona, Hawaii at Dolphin Discoveries Big Island.

Snorkelling is an activity that you will love if you are a lover of the sea, like swimming and love to discover what lies beneath the ocean's surface. There are some things you should do before you start snorkelling. 

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It is important to get your snorkelling gear, goggles and swim fins ready before you start snorkelling. A wet suit is another item you might need to rent or buy if you don't have one. If you plan to snorkel in colder waters, a wet suit is an excellent choice. You should ensure that you are comfortable and fit properly so you don't have any problems when you get in the water.

After finding a great spot to snorkel, the next thing you should do is to relax. You can practice your breathing if you're not comfortable swimming underwater or have never snorkelled before. This can be done in shallow water or at the ocean's surface. Before you put your head in water, practice breathing through your snorkel. It is important to not breathe too fast or too shallow when snorkelling. After you feel you are comfortable enough, you can submerge your head in the water and continue to breath