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Designing Small Business Computer Network – What Should You Do?

Basically designing small, medium, or enterprise-class computer networks are principally similar. You need to design your private network infrastructure to provide the availability and reliability of network resources; a network security system to protect your network resources against any types of threats, and a secure global communication system. 

Dig as much information as possible before designing your small business network. The following few lists some areas you probably need to implement in your design. If you’re looking for more information about computer network management check this out.

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Software Applications

What application software to purchase, contact the vendor and ask them to provide a presentation about their product and see if their product can meet your financial need. 

How critical your application to support your business will be, if you don't accept any downtime – you need to provide redundant servers and configure them as failover/failback systems. You can dig for more information to meet your business needs regarding finance management.

Backup System

What about the backup system? How many data file servers are you going to deploy including the Email system? Will you install a tape drive backup system in each of the servers or manage all the backup systems centrally using the Autoloader backup solution? 

When your business data grows, you need to implement such an Autoloader backup system to centrally manage the backup of all the servers to reduce administration and cost overhead.

Collecting data as much as possible regarding your small business computer network requirements is very essential before you can design the infrastructure to provide the availability and reliability of the network resources securely.