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Solar Pool Covers Are The Way To Go

Covers are essential to keep your pool clean and free from debris, mold, and other harmful elements. Covers can keep safe children from falling in the pool, as they don't always look where they are going. 

It can reduce maintenance costs and increase energy efficiency. Solar Covers Reduces Evaporation from your pool, which can cause a significant drop in temperature and throw off your chlorine balance. You now know how important it can be to cover your pool. But what type of cover should you choose for your pool? There are many solar pool covers available online to choose from.

Why choose a solar swimming pool cover over other options? What makes a solar pool cover so special

Solar pool cover owners prefer it over other pool covers because they can save money on heating their pool. Solar pool covers are usually placed on top of the pool. They keep the water from evaporating while keeping the heat in the pool contained. Because the solar pool cover covers are too thick, heat can't escape into the cooler air around the pool.

Another type of pool cover is the one with bubbles. Some people liken it to a large sheet of bubble wrap. The bubbles absorb the heat from the sun and then transfer it into the pool's waters. This can increase the pool's temperature by up to fifteen degrees.

The swimming pool solar cover simply sits on top of the water, unlike other pool covers.