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Hinduism Before The Vedas

Hinduism is an ancient religion that predates the Vedas by several centuries. The Vedas are a set of religious texts that are thought to have been composed in the early part of the Brahmana period (roughly 1500-1000 BCE). 

Hinduism is a complex and diverse religion, with many different beliefs and practices. One of the primary ways that you can learn about Hinduism and yoga online is by exploring the many resources available on the web.  If you are looking for Vedic studies, visit  via online sources.


Hinduism is thought to have originated in India maybe as early as 3500 years ago. It has ancient origins and ancient history. In one mythological story, it was said that Hinduism began with a king named Manu who ruled over the earth. 

These elements were later given different names such as Shiva (the god of destruction or power), Vishnu (god of preservation or power), and Shakti (the goddess of power). Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. 

It does not have one specific god or goddess, but many gods and goddesses are said to be manifestations of the same deity. Over time, various gods and goddesses were elevated or demoted based on their importance in society at different times.

GoddessesIn Hinduism, there are three main female deities: Kali (destroyer), Durga (protector), and Parvati (goddess). Many women worship all three as Goddesses, with different characteristics for each. Kalihi most feared Hindu goddess is Kali, who is associated with destruction.