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The Basics of Charlotte Laser Tattoo Removal

Although only a tiny percentage of people get tattoos, almost half of those who do get them will eventually want them removed. It used to be a complicated and painful procedure that required traditional surgery methods and skin transplants. These body designs can now be removed much easier and faster than ever before. We will Learn here how Lasers have made tattoo removal much easier.

Laser tattoo removal is achieved by focusing laser light on the desired design. The body's immune system will remove the tiny pieces of pigment from the tattoo over several weeks after it absorbs the laser light. The tattoo's color will determine the type of laser used. For effective removal, each shade of pigment will need a different color laser.

This is where laser precision comes in handy and makes the procedure so effective. Even if the tattoo is not removed completely, laser tattoo removal can be performed. This procedure is less painful than previous ones and causes little scarring.

Most cases do not require anesthesia and complications are very rare after the procedure. The area will be covered with a bandage and the patient will be directed to avoid direct sunlight. Laser tattoo removal is the best method to get rid of body art.