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The Mole and Residential Pest Control Service

Now residential pest control is a major problem. Their holes are kind of unsightly on our lawns and they can do a bit of damage to the root systems of our grass. They will also hurt the roots of one of our garden power plants. So we really need to find a way to get rid of them. The Burbank pest control company provide you a best service to rid the pests at very good price.

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They live underground all year round and weaving many tunnels in our garden. If you are a gardener or owner who is proud of his lawn, the mole makes known his presence after several days of rain during the spring and falls when they are on the surface pushing mounds of dirt on the surface. If you look at your plants and look like something that gnawed you, it was probably not the mole, but a rodent. 

The mole has two types of tunnels; one is like a highway just below the surface and is classified as a power tunnel. This tunnel also has small elevated hills on your lawn. The other tunnel is much deeper in the ground and all the feed tunnels are confused. What you see on your lawn is usually a small mound of dirt that looks like a volcano; this dirt comes from the deeper tunnel.