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The Reasons Why Criminal Defense Lawyers Are Important

It's not easy to do the role of an attorney in criminal defense since they are required to represent clients who are charged with grave crimes in the courts. 

The crimes could range from minor misdemeanors up to criminal acts that can land them many years in jail and hundreds of hundreds of thousands in fines and, in some extreme instances, even the death penalty. You can also search online to hire the best criminal defense lawyers in Fairfax.

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Understanding Criminal Law

The law of criminals is a mix of the law at the federal and state levels. The laws that were in violation by the local level are argued in state courts, while those that go beyond state law and that have been violated at the federal laws will generally be litigated in federal court.

If someone is convicted of a crime and found to violate the criminal law, they'll likely be lacking understanding of the two sides of the law and therefore won't be able to present an effective defense in the courtroom. 

Of course, everyone is legally entitled to represent themselves in court, and you don't need to employ an attorney for criminal defense. If you aren't conversant with both aspects of the law well, your representation may be very poor and the consequences you are handed in the event of being found guilty be harsh.