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The Roles of a Chartered Accountant

Businesses play a crucial role in today's world. Every business' finances must be kept under control. A chartered accountant can play a crucial role in any company, no matter how large or small. You can also hire the best chartered accountant via 

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Chartered accountants can help businesses keep track of the financial health of their business. The accountant is responsible for verifying the accuracy of each business transaction. 

They also need to ensure that the transactions are legal and comply with the government's guidelines. Chartered accountants can also create financial reports and manage accounting operations to review any government-mandated operations. 

Here are the main roles of a chartered business accountant:

1. Bookkeeping

Chartered accountants assist in keeping records of all financial transactions of a business. This is, according to most chartered accountants the most important function of CA in any company. Chartered accountants manage the basic books of accounts, such as receipt books, purchase books, and sales books. After a few months, this helps the CA prepare income statements which are then added to the balance sheet at end of the financial year.

2. Analyse and advice

A chartered accountant is not only expected to prepare and maintain books of accounts for a company. Analyzing financial data is a more difficult job for a CA. Analyzing the income statement data can help you see the top and bottom lines of company growth. To get a clear picture of the financial position of a company, an accountant can examine the balance sheet.