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The Way to Repair Computer Slow Startup Problem

The slow boot is a common problem when using computers. Is there a standard for evaluating the startup rate? In reality, there are absolutely no uniform dimensions. It could be a standard boot time when the computer can connect in a couple of minutes. But when the boot time makes us wait at least ten minutes or more for regular use, the computer is sure to have problems. If you want the best computer repair expert then you may search on google about Geeks Quickly .

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Several reasons describe the boot problem. Mainly they will be the following scenarios, with suggested alternatives for reference:

1. Virus problem:

Once the machine is infected, this will lead to slower speeds, and the boot will be complicated. Some worm viruses spread through e-mail, their effect on the speed of the network is quite severe, with significant damage. It is especially evident in the performance of this LAN.

Computers infected with viruses will continue to send emails as long as the world wide web is linked. Viruses select an arbitrary file from an individual user's computer connected to the user's system address book in random speech for emails. Hundreds of spam emails lined up to be routed, and some emails are bounced back to accumulate at the host, causing major backbone congestion and significantly slowing online speed.

Option: Install a antivirus applications on the computer and fix the computer issues

If you don't update your antivirus applications, you won't be able to handle new types of viruses. Together with the program, it will be of no use to your computers if you do not remove viruses frequently. Regularly update antivirus applications and remove viruses necessary to start computers.

2. Startup procedure problem:

It is common sense that many startup programs can seriously affect startup time. In case the computer loads a lot of startup jobs, once it starts, these jobs will run in the background one by one, then your computer will start normally once they all run to the end, which I would spend a lot of time.

3. Desktop problem:

Many men like charming themes or backgrounds, however, great newspapers were shown at the cost of consuming a great deal of memory. It is the same when there are many icons in the background computer.