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Types Of Orthodontics Treatment

There are different types of orthodontics about which you are going to read in coming article.

Two-phase orthodontics

When children move from baby teeth to adult teeth, the process involves a mixed tooth stage in which baby teeth and adult teeth coexist in the mouth.

When dental complications arise, it is always necessary to divide the treatment into two parts. Two-phase orthodontic treatment includes two distinct periods of time during which the child receives orthodontic treatment.

You can also get orthodontic treatment for children at The first teething phase occurs when the child still has most of the baby or milk teeth. The second phase occurs when the child has the most permanent teeth.

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Orthodontics for teenagers

Adolescence is an ideal time for patients to undergo orthodontic treatment. Most dental problems such as minor jaw imbalances and clots can be resolved at this age. Rapid dentition is observed during adolescence.

This period can be used to remove various bone and tooth problems. When the jawbone is fully developed, other conditions can only be corrected with medical assistance.

Orthodontics for adults

A large number of adults seek orthodontic help. Most of the patients who need orthodontic treatment are adults. Adults can try to correct a slight recurrence of previous braces or a complete tooth transformation.

Recent improvements in orthodontics such as ceramic braces have made it more aesthetic and comfortable for adults to receive orthodontic treatment.