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What Is The GMC Multipro Tailgate

The innovative GMC tailgate has two tailgates in one and the main door and a small inner door. 

The main gate functions as a traditional tailgate, and a small inner gate hangs over the main door.  You can also visit Tailgate Fix to get the best services for your tailgate.

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Thanks to the joint or independent configuration of the two sections, the tailgate can accommodate any task and can be opened in a single step, expanding the truck loading area and much more.

Primary gate

With this setting, the MultiPro can be opened and closed automatically with the push of a button or manually like a conventional tailgate.

Primary gate load stop

Simply open the inner panel in the MultiPro's inner connector to provide a load limiter that prevents goods from sliding off the body of the truck.

Easy access

The inner gate of the MultiPro can be lowered so you can stand 7 to 9 inches closer to the inside of the doorknob. This is very useful for reaching the back of the truck.

Full-width step

Fold over the MultiPro interior trim for a 48-inch engine, ideal for easy access to the tailgate.

Stop the load on the inner gate

The MultiPro's internal gates also have a load stop function, which makes it easy to ensure the safety of goods and prevents them from slipping off the truck while driving.

Inner gate work surface

Lower the MultiPro's inner door and you'll have a comfortable, high-altitude work surface that's ideal for queuing, working on projects, filling out paperwork, or the like. 

This functionality, combined with the 120-volt socket available on the bed, gives the Sierra 1500 additional functionality.