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What You Need to Know About Inflatable Paddle Boards

Can you buy an inflatable paddle board for a cheap price? Can you even buy inflatable paddle boards for sale online? These are questions often asked by first-time buyers, or by people who have just returned from a shopping trip where they found inflatable paddle boards for sale. The answers to these questions can be difficult to provide, especially when trying to contrast the quality and value of a paddleboard with that of other similar products.

How long will inflatable sups last? Although this will vary depending on the manufacturer, the most common answer to this question would be a two to three year warranty. However, the real lifespan of an inflatable paddle board will likely depend on how much usage you get out of it and how well you maintain it. For example, if you were to use a flat water board instead of a foam inflatable one in an area where you don't paddle or perform other activities, the life expectancy of your board will likely be cut in half. If, however, you are someone who performs a variety of activities on and off the water regularly and also take very good care of your inflatable sups, then the longevity of your board can go up to a decade or more, although this will depend mostly on how well it is cared for.

Can I simply put an inflatable paddle boards on a flat surface and ride it like a normal board? Some people do this, but this is not recommended. An inflatable board is just that – an inflatable paddle board – and while you can save yourself some money by buying one "off the shelf" (which is nothing more than a flat board with a hole in the middle for a strap or handle), you may not have the storage space to keep your inflatable paddle boards on a permanent basis. In addition, if you are not someone who takes good care of your inflatable swimming pool toys, this may not be the best idea for you. Inflatable boards have come a long way in recent years and are now much more durable and reliable than they used to be. Still, many experts recommend that you treat your inflatable paddle boards as you would a normal board when first beginning to learn and practice.

Should I go with a standard inflatable paddle boards design or a two layer design? Standard versions are very affordable and easy to store; however, two layer inflatable sup boards are becoming increasingly popular, as they provide more protection and are designed for more aggressive workouts. Generally speaking, two layer inflatable sup boards cost about twice as much as their single layer counterparts, although they may also last two to three times longer. The good news is that most two-layer inflatable paddle boards offer extra padding at the foot and heel area, which can make a significant difference in terms of comfort while you're out there. Additionally, most two-layer boards have built-in air bubbles that help prevent water from entering in the nose and mouth, another contributing factor to discomfort.

Do I need special attachments for my inflatable pontoons? Only some advanced board builders use special gear and hardware in their construction process. If you're just beginning to learn the basics of solid paddle boarding and would rather skip the extra expense, then a standard version is probably best for you. Otherwise, you may want to consider one of the advanced designs that incorporate some additional hardware and attachments that will help improve stability, efficiency, and durability. A great example of such a board is the Foam Flow System Paddle Board, which uses an expanded polystyrene layer filled with air bubbles for increased stability. This extra layer helps decrease drag, which increases agility and makes your ride more enjoyable overall.

Do I need to use heavy-duty vinyl inflatable pontoons in my backyard? As a matter of fact, some of the best boards are made with only high quality vinyl materials and construction techniques. These boards can stand up to winds as strong as forty mph, can float through puddles and deep ripples, and can survive underwater despite the conditions. With proper care and maintenance, these inflatable paddle boards can last for years and provide countless hours of fun and relaxation in your back yard.