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Who Should Be Making Lyric Videos

Creating a lyric video can be a great way to showcase your music, connect with your fans and build awareness for your brand. There are a few different recording techniques you can use to get the best results. 

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-If your song is primarily lyrical, it might be best to have a lyricist make the video. This person will need to have a good understanding of the lyrics and be able to create an engaging visual representation of them.

-A producer or director who is experienced in filming music videos can also make a great lyric video. They will be able to capture all the footage and audio necessary for a successful video. A good camera is essential for creating a quality lyric video. You'll want to use a camera that has good resolution and shooting capabilities so that you can create high-quality videos.

-If you don't have any lyrical content in your song, but want to create a video that showcases your band's live performance, then a musician or videographer who specializes in live footage might be the best option for you.