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Why Organizations Need Talent Management?

Do you believe in talent management? If so, do you have one in your organization?

In an organization, many talented people don't appear because of their innate traits. For example, large fish do not come to the surface and like to live in deep water. However, a fisherman applies his technique to catch big fish and get the best.

In many organizations, people try to be seen through networks, personal contacts, testimonials, and so on. They don't have to be absolutely outstanding and talented, but they are often visible and catch the eye of senior management. You benefit from the evaluation/promotion policy and early career talent management system.

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However, most successful organizations, despite their interest in networking, contacts, self-promotion and cheap popularity, etc., try to find talented people and encourage them to be seen.

Therefore, many organizations, especially multinational corporations (MNCs) and good private companies, try to get the best out of their employees by finding and managing talent. Many talented people come and join organizations with dreams of achievement, success, and career growth. But later in their careers, they see and experience the true organizational culture, and many of them feel neglected and disappointed. They gradually lose interest, become uninnovative, less committed and suffer from mental depression. Talent management allows all employees, regardless of type, to be given attention.

Honest and quiet employees don't feel neglected. Fairness and transparency in the evaluation process can result in employee satisfaction and thus fewer complaints. Therefore, both control and inspection personnel need to be fully restrained to maintain the rationality of the marking system.

There is no doubt that talent management helps attract, retain and retain talent within an organization. This can benefit the organization in many ways such as: Employee motivation, innovation, sense of belonging, collaboration and teamwork, proactive work environment, caring for employees of all ages and giving them what they deserve.